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Individual Activity Review

You will be asked to read each task statement and select Yes, No or Unsure for each corresponding task statement based on the descriptions below.

YesThe content of my activity meets this task statement
NoThe content of my activity does not meet this task statement
UnsureI am unsure if the content of my activity meets this task statement

  • Any skipped statements will be assigned an "Unsure" rating
  • Item responses can be changed at any time prior to ending the assessment
  • A session ID is provided for every assessment at the bottom of the page; copy and save this ID to resume the review at a later time

When you reach the end of the assessment, you will be asked if you want to end the assessment. If you select "Yes," your responses will be submitted for analysis and a results page will appear. If you select "No," you will remain on the last page of the assessment. You can navigate through the assessment to review and/or change your responses. You must return to the last page of the assessment to submit your responses for analysis.

The results page will provide you with a color-coded evaluation based on your responses to the task statements.

Content falls within the domains of athletic training and is eligible for continuing education
Content does not fall within the domains of athletic training and is NOT eligible for continuing education

By entering your certification number, you will be able to easily access past assessments. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please retain the provided assessment key to access past assessments.

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